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Refurbishment of Nottinghamshire Libraries will benefit local citizens


Ruddington Library








Ruddington, Mansfield Woodhouse and Ravenshead Libraries have been refurbished as part of a rolling programme of extensive upgrades by Nottinghamshire’s Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries.

Demco Interiors is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Inspire on the modernisation of the library interiors and keep them at the centre of their communities.

The brief was to create a light and airy feel with breakout areas shelving, improved facilities, some new stock and  revised layouts for work, rest and play. The brief also highlighted the need to keep the projects within tight budget guidelines and, where possible, recycle shelving to protect budgets and, of course, the environment.

Mansfield Woodhouse Library







Nottinghamshire Inspire has created a specific look and feel for their smaller libraries and this used common colours and finishes throughout.  Demco’s white Cantilibra shelving creates a clean, modern vibe and bright white cladding was added to existing bays to mix and match new and old.

It’s all about the curve in the children’s libraries with white junior shelving, built in seating and ‘groovy’ furnishings. Impulse borrowing display units are eye catching and end of bay panels include bright colured display shelving.  The ultra modern look of the sleek shelving throughout is counterbalanced with eye catching graphics create an exciting, unexpected twist to the design.

Ravenshead Library








Demco designed bespoke housings for the self service kiosks that are now flanked by cool and classy display shelving and  positioned strategically to ensure maximum impact.

Inspire’s Chief Executive, Peter Gaw said: “ …..the library refurbishments are an important aspect of our mission to provide inspiring centres for reading, learning, culture and community activity for many years to come.”

Public feedback on social media is very positive with visitors loving their upgraded library spaces:

“Absolutely love the new Mansfield Woodhouse Library! Feels and looks just wonderful”

“What a lovely afternoon at Ruddington library, the children really enjoyed themselves!!”

Rob Stone, Project Sales Manager, Demco Interiors said: “It has been a pleasure working with Notts Inspire on these projects and to hear all the positive comments that are being made about the refurbishments.  They truly demonstrate that a makeover approach can deliver fantastic new look library spaces without impacting on budgets or the environment.  Thank you to everyone at Notts Inspire for their visionary approach”.

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