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Open To Interpretation

Open to interpretation

    The art of library design to combine library and museum spaces The trend…

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Have Beanbags Had Their Day?

Have beanbags had their day?

    Importance of interior design without the gimics A few years ago we co-authored…

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Buggy Storage As Part Of The Library Design Plan

Buggy storage as part of the library design plan

  Buggy storage as part of the library design plan It isn’t until you are…

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Open Plan To Broken Plan

Open plan to broken plan

  A trend, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a general direction in which something…

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Design A New Type Of Sixth Form Study Space

Design a new type of sixth form study space

      Designing for some recent projects we’ve noticed a new type of sixth…

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Five tips to create a shape shifting interior

Use foldables, rollables and flexibles to create a multi use space A well designed and…

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Designing For RFID

Designing for RFID

  RFID and self service is now the norm in many public and academic libraries…

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How Do Colours Influence Learning?

How Do Colours Influence Learning?

      Few people seem to realise just how powerful colours can be. Their…

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Ways To Design Library Interiors To Improve Health And Wellbeing

Ways to design library interiors to improve health and wellbeing

  Public libraries have long set the mood for safe, relaxing, welcoming inclusive spaces. While…

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5 Top Design Tips For Increasing Productivity In Your Learning Space

5 Top Design Tips for Increasing Productivity in Your Learning Space

  Revision and coursework are regular occurrences for students across the country, and it’s important…

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Lean On Our Expertise

Lean on our expertise

It’s the beginning of a new term and, hopefully, returning with new energy and some…

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How To Design Engaging Libraries For FE

How to design engaging libraries for FE

Talking to some College librarians recently it was interesting to hear about the issues they…

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Four Easy And Cost Effective Ways To Refresh Your Learning And Library Space For The New Term

Four easy and cost effective ways to refresh your learning and library space for the new term

  Winding down towards the end of term is an ideal time to start thinking…

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Student Consultation Shaping Interior Design

Student consultation shaping interior design

    Student consultation shaping interior design Talking to the editor of a leading magazine…

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Students Working Together, Alone

Students working together, alone

We recently carried out a consultation for a school to gain some feedback from students…

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What I Love About The New Kingston Library

What I love about the new Kingston Library

Well here I am sitting in the brand new Kingston Library in Milton Keynes.  I…

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On The Road Again

On the road again

I don’t know how you feel but for me the reduction in traffic during the school…

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Designing Spaces For wellbeing

Designing spaces for wellbeing

A report from @human_spaces  Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace is a great…

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Graphics – The Icing On The Cake

Graphics – the icing on the cake

Any library interior can benefit from graphics but in particular educational spaces can really be…

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