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‘The Details Are Not The Details. They Make Good Design’ (Ray Eames)
‘The details are not the details. They make good design’ (Ray Eames)

Clients talk about the quality of our designs.  Our attention to detail makes our interiors stand out and makes us proud of our reputation  –  ‘you can tell a Demco library’.

Traditional Values For Modern Customer Service
Traditional values for modern customer service

Our ethos is based on traditional values of honesty, trust and reliability.  A family company that is big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

Built On Strong Foundations
Built on strong foundations

We have built our design brand on strong foundations anchored in our creative and technical capabilities, admired by architects and designers –  we know things others don’t.

Doing The Right Thing
Doing the right thing

We collectively share responsibility to do the right thing, while confidently challenging when we think something might be wrong.

The Right Attitude
The right attitude

Our design studio has a strong can do attitude and are proud of their reputation for designing, delivering and doing.  We are with you every step of the way.

Stop And Listen
Stop and listen

Working within co-creation principles they know when to listen, when to ask questions and when to take hold of a problem and, quite simply, sort it.

Empathetic Approach
Empathetic approach

All this is underpinned by making the effort to get beneath the skin of a clients’ objectives and understanding what success means to you. Your reputation is at stake, we understand that.

Agile Teams
Agile teams

Our design team is agile enough for light touch involvement on a project to complete account management on large, integrated projects.

The Big Picture
The big picture

In our own way we want to create spaces that make a better everyday life for those that visit them. It’s all about people.

Giving The Best We Can
Giving the best we can

We bring it all together by being the best we can for our clients by creating (designing) extraordinary places out of ordinary places.

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