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Lean On Our Expertise

Lean on our expertise

It’s the beginning of a new term and, hopefully, returning with new energy and some thoughts that have been bubbling away over the summer break “We need to sort the library out!”…

In our experience of early stage school library projects the mind then goes into overdrive as you think – How do we start? What’s my logic here? How can we change the space we have to improve literacy and support the curriculum? How do I mobilise my thoughts and present a robust case for investing in a new library or study space?

Well the good news is – we’re here to help.

In our experience it’s quite likely that you will have an idea, a design, a plan, some sketches in place but how to move that forward becomes the stumbling block. For the Demco team it’s a much easier process – having designed and furnished literally thousands of school library interiors – we are very good at translating ideas into tangible proposals.

Often the hardest part for schools is trying to get an idea of how much these ideas will cost – is it going to be £ thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. Hopefully not the last one!

We can talk to you about your ideas, add some creative input of our own and help prepare a draft budget for bid/funding presentations and applications. Essentially we’ll give you a simple estimate sheet of what can be achieved and a guide price, that you can take forward to the next stage. This helps both of us – for you, it means you are not shooting in the dark but have a robust plan of action with costings and for us it means our expertise is used in the most cost effective way.

What we are saying is, don’t waste your precious time on trying to become an overnight library designer, instead lean on us to make your life easier and lend a professional design approach to your ideas from the very beginning.

It’s a win/win situation.

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