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Graphics – The Icing On The Cake

Graphics – the icing on the cake

Any library interior can benefit from graphics but in particular educational spaces can really be given a shake up with some hot images.  The instagram generation are used to seeing large format pictures to communicate a theme, a trend a brand or even a word.  From wallpaper to end panels, to signposting to guiding – graphics are the big communicators.

The starting point is to understand the narrative – does the library have a theme, some historical context, location, local landmarks, achievements (sporting, academic or community), well known events, famous pupils.  Placing the graphics is some sort of context matters. Jessica Wetherall, one of our designers says: “It’s the starting point that is so important, the graphics shouldn’t be an afterthought but something that features in the whole library space.  We often put graphics onto a 3D model of the interior so that the school can see what they will look like in context”.

If budgets are limited, graphics can lift a tired space and bring it bang up to date.  Colourful, vibrant and with a load of attitude, graphics can create the WOW factor that teachers and librarians are looking for.

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