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Four Easy And Cost Effective Ways To Refresh Your Learning And Library Space For The New Term

Four easy and cost effective ways to refresh your learning and library space for the new term


Winding down towards the end of term is an ideal time to start thinking about refreshing a library, classroom or learning space ready for the start of a new term. As designers for library and education interiors we often help our clients revamp a space so, even if hopes are high and budgets are low, here are a few ideas for refreshing your environment.

1. Add some new graphics to a feature wall or on existing end panels to your shelving.
Pick up on current interior design trends with large format photographs, modern fonts and colours to bring your space bang up to date. You can also create more space with face on display end panels. This will create instant visual impact and attract students to new books.

2. Switch shelves.
Most of our shelving systems have interchangeable shelves so you could switch from a traditional style shelf to a display shelf, change the shelf colour colour/s or consider a space saving display and storage option. Mix and match your shelving colours to create a colour blocking effect.

3. Look at new ways of working and reconfigure the space.
It’s surprising how careful space planning can free up unused or underutilised areas, perhaps to create a new IT zone, a breakout area, a reading den or a small sofa for relaxation.

4. Finally, now is the time to ditch tired or broken furnishings.
Ask us about replacements and alternatives – you will be surprised at the variety that is available to meet all budgets. It may not be as costly as you think. And we can integrate furniture into a new interior scheme.

It might be the end of one term but kick start your new term in September by meeting one of our design team.

It’s not too late to give us a call and you will be amazed at what we can do for you.

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