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Designing Spaces For wellbeing

Designing spaces for wellbeing

A report from @human_spaces  Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace is a great read with lots of useful information for anyone designing an interior space. A simple understanding of Biophilia would be that connections to nature have a positive effect on an individual’s stress levels while urban scenes are linked to a lower sense of well-being.  The Human Spaces Report infographic present research findings on the top five elements most wanted in the office spaces as:

  • 44% natural light
  • 20% Indoor plants
  • 18% Quiet working space
  • 17% View of the sea
  • 15% Bright colours
  • Demco Interiors: Paradykes Community library

It is interesting to see how consciously, or subconsciously, our working environment affects our sense of wellbeing. We’ve become particularly interested in the concept of introducing Biophilia (love of nature) into design. A well known advocat of Biophilia is architect  Oliver Heath who explains that the word is a term popularized by American psychologist Edward O Wilson in the 1980’s, when he observed how increasing rates of urbanisation were leading to a disconnection with the natural world.

We see a gentle approach to this in library designs and we are introducing more ‘outside in’ imagery into our educational and public space interiors by  using nature based colours for furnishings – spring greens and pinks are particularly uplifting and popular.  Seascapes and landscapes look lovely on shelving graphic end panels, combined with natural wood furnishings, ‘horticultural’ printed fabrics and natural fibre floor coverings.

One of our projects,, the public library and shared space at Moat Lane, Towcester is  an example of how a simple ‘plant’ theme is carried throughout the interior including the manifestations on the large glass, dividing wall of the library’s Meadow community rooms and the shelving end panels.

Bring me Sunshine

Unfortunately, we haven’t quite worked out how to ‘design-up’ a sunny day,  but they certainly bring some sunshine into the lives of their  clients!


Demco Interiors: Paradykes Community Library

meeting room

Demco Interiors:  Blossom manifestation on meeting room


Demco Interiors: Blossom graphic end panels at The Forum, Towcester

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