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Demco Interiors designs new dementia friendly library interior

Daventry Library

The new Daventry Library has been officially opened by Northampton North MP Michael Ellis. The library is the result of a successful collaboration between Daventry District Council and Northamptonshire County Council and moved from its previous location in the former Grammar School to the new refurbished Abbey Centre.

This exciting new library interior was designed and installed by Demco Interiors who have worked with Northamptonshire Libraries on a number of their library refurbishments.

Anne Lovely, Strategic Manager, Northamptonshire Libraries Service said: “It was hard to envisage how the new interior could work in the old space. It was long and narrow, quite dark with small windows and the rooms partitioned off. We needed the expertise of Michaela, Head of Design at Demco Interiors, to show us what could be achieved. It‘s not often we have the chance to relocate a library and have a whole new fit out and I’m absolutely delighted with the results”.

The interior is now a vibrant, light filled space with something for everyone in the community and every inch of space serves a purpose. Anne adds: “The design made sure every sq metre of space and every item of furniture counted for something over and above its main function; if it’s a table we said let’s add something else there so we added built in charging sockets; if it’s a bay of shelving then there’s seating in between the bays; if it’s a cupboard door then there’s a scribble wall on reverse side. Not an inch of space is wasted”.

An important part of the library design brief was to create a dementia friendly space so special care was taken in specifying contrasting colours e.g. the bright green end panels against the vibrant white shelving. The dementia friendly carpet and signage completes this inclusive and accessible interior.

Michaela Lancaster, Head of Design, Demco Interiors said: “This is a perfect example of how big dreams can be created out of a small space. The library is designed to be flexible for use by all age groups. We worked closely with the library team to make sure that every bit of space and every item of furniture served a purpose.”

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