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Basingstoke College of Technology

Basingstoke College of Technology

Demco designs new Hub for modern learning

Basingstoke College of Technology wanted a complete upgrade of their old dated learning resource centre to give students a light and modern library design complete with digital resources.

Neil Shoulder, Director of Teaching, Learning and Quality Improvement chose Demco Interiors for their expertise in designing library and learning interiors.

The new Learning Hub makes much better use of the space and is now unrecognisable from the old, 80’s styled interior with its dated high wooden shelving, old fashioned furnishings, large counter and awkward layout.

Neil said: “The old library was not designed to meet the digital age so we put our heads together and envisioned how the space could be improved and what it should include. Demco were brilliant from design through to fit out. They made us think about how the space was going to be used by staff and students in practical terms and how that could be translated in a creative way.”

Much of the existing steel shelving was upcycled by converting it to a lower height for improved sightlines and openness and then reclad in a clean white modern finish.

As well as creating a lighter space Neil wanted a flexible space that would be more suitable for students working and learning digitally and a space that could easily be shape shifted to meet different needs. The Hub is now easily configured for digital induction days, inset days, examinations and has even been used for yoga and pilates on wellbeing days.

• Low level, white library shelving on castors
• Flip top and easy nest study tables on castors
• Study tables with risers and flip to create whiteboard and projector
• Bespoke wall and window computer benching
• Virtual reality zone with three fixed headsets and 7 portable
• Soft furnishings with built in charging connections and low level white tables
• Sofas for students to sit and relax or work with their own devices
• Intersectional power blocks in complimentary fabrics
• Bar height work benches and stools with built in connection points
• Digital space with large interactive screen for Google jamboard.
Not only is the space now perfect for students to work digitally, with plenty of PC workstations and Chromebooks, but is also used to teach students enterprise and business related digital skills including how to build a website and a social media campaign for business. Also a digital zone is used to access Google Jamboard for realtime collaboration.

Chris Johnson, Project Sales Manager, Demco Interiors said: “It was a pleasure working on this project. I see it as a great model for Colleges who want to upgrade their library and learning spaces. Neil and his team thought very carefully about what they wanted for their new space and went about spending their budget wisely. There was careful thought about every decision and we could build on that by using our own expertise to deliver a fantastic new space within a very reasonable budget”.

The new Learning Hub has moved from being an old fashioned Learning Resource Centre into a modern, digital space that gives students the flexibility to work how they want and releases the space to be used for a multitude of different activities. Everyone agrees that the new light, airy space is a healthier place to work and learn and improves wellbeing.

Neil adds: “We now have a digitally enhanced, accessible and versatile Learning Hub. It now looks as if we have twice as much space as we had before!”

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