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Will Hinks
Managing Director

My role is to help the best library interior design team in the UK to make a difference in the lives of readers and learners. I am proud of all our library installations from the smallest school library to projects such as the Storyhouse Chester and the brand new, groundbreaking University of Cyprus library. I’ve been making or selling British products for the whole of my career and there’s no buzz like seeing your own design and products in a school, university or public library. Out of hours I loved the escapism of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy where the world’s created are a fantastic place to explore on a journey of good against evil. Who said it was a book for children?!

I also enjoy cooking – well I’m a cook not a chef but I make the best roast dinners, jams and preserves you’ll ever taste. I’m also not whole without a cat (refer back to book choice, for those who know).

Out of hours I love the escapism of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials’ trilogy. Who said it was a book for children!

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