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Jessica Wetherall-Buckle
Design Illustrator


One of the things I most love to do is designing.  In fact I love anything that is creative so designing library interiors really allows me to use my design and creative skills to the full.  I enjoy working as part of a team and it can be quite manic when we’re all being enthusiastic and creative at the same time!  The role also means working with our sales and projects teams so I see a project through from beginning to end.  The best part is when you hear how well  how well a project is received by the public and they say “WOW” when they first walk in and see the new space.

Outside of work I am busy with my soon to be one year old son (I know I don’t look old enough!), we love swimming, going on walks and cooking.

We also love travelling.  Italy and Mexico have been our favourites but now that we have a toddler we maybe going a bit closer to home!







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