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We’re a flexible and agile business committed to investing in our people, systems, products and our processes. Our focus on leveraging technology plays a major role in our success. We were among the first in our sector to supply BIM models for our shelving systems and we use Revit software, enabling close collaboration with architects and designers.

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What I Love About The New Kingston Library

What I love about the new Kingston Library

Well here I am sitting in the brand new Kingston Library in Milton Keynes.  I have a coffee by my side, unlimited fast wi-fi and when my laptop was getting low on battery I just plugged it into the power socket built into the table.  Plus, the table is wide enough for me to spread out all my papers as opposed to compressing myself into a small workspace!

What isn’t there to love about this library. It has that Demco look and feel – no compromise, great attention to detail, fine tuning and on trend colour schemes.  If you asked me what I particularly liked it  would be (in no particular order); (1) the high spec hireable pod, it looks swanky and smart (2) the slim profile of the purple bar height work/presentation table, it makes you wonder how it stands up – clever design (3) the shelf top guiding lit up with a simple LED display.  It gives a lovely glow to the library interior as the day starts to draw in.

I have a quick word with Kathryn Rouse, Lead Library Assistant who confirms my thinking that this is going to be a busy library: “Everyone comes into the library – families with young children, older people, schoolchildren after school or during the holidays, business people (people run their own businesses from here – they stay all day), older students especially for studying and exam time; they like the desks and the charging sockets.  They say – WOW – it’s bright, it’s open, colourful and modern and of course the staff are very friendly!”

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