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We’re a flexible and agile business committed to investing in our people, systems, products and our processes. Our focus on leveraging technology plays a major role in our success. We were among the first in our sector to supply BIM models for our shelving systems and we use Revit software, enabling close collaboration with architects and designers.

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Address: Shipton Way, Express Park, Northampton Road, Rushden, NN10 6GL

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We have our own library shelving ranges manufactured by us in the UK. That means that you don’t have to worry about product replacements, add ons, upgrades or future proofing a space because we can offer continuity of supply.

Arcadia Leisure (28) Preview Preview
Arcadia Leisure (28) Preview Preview
Arcadia Leisure (29) Preview Preview
Arcadia Leisure (32) Preview Preview
Cantilibra Grpc Panel Preview Preview
CentralStMartins 026 Preview Preview
DEM 16 01 009 Preview Preview
DEM 16 01 010 Preview Preview
Forum Southend 044 High Res Preview Preview
TheForum Towcester 019 Preview Preview
TheForum Towcester 043 Preview Preview
Wigan Life Ctr 065 Preview Preview
Wigan Life Ctr 074 Preview Preview

Demco Cantilibra steel library shelving

A library design classic, manufactured by us in the UK at our ISO 9001 accredited plant, Cantilibra steel library shelving is used in public libraries around the world. Cantilibra shelving features:

  • Wide range of integrated system components
  • Square, tapered, open and filled brackets
  • Steel shelves that won’t deflect under heavy loads
  • End panels to suit any scheme
  • Plain or profile shelf fronts
  • Durable polyester powder coat finish
  • Book supports plain or painted to create a statement
  • Signage and integrated lighting options

Demco Mode library shelving

A four post, high grade, steel modular shelving system for a contemporary, open look. Popular in both public and academic libraries Mode shelving combines practicality and aesthetics. Mode shelving features:

  • Manufactured in UK
  • Offset end panels fixings for a stylish look
  • Range of sophisticated colours
  • Mobile frame option for flexible spaces
  • Wide range of steel and MDF accessories and components
  • Compact footprint for higher storage density
  • Variety of signage options
Demco Colindale 001 Preview
Demco Colindale 001 Preview
Demco Colindale 002 Preview
Demco Colindale 004 Preview
Demco Colindale 005 Preview
Demco Colindale 006 Preview
Demco Colindale 007 Preview
Demco Colindale 008 Preview
Demco Colindale 009 Preview
Demco Colindale 010 Preview
Demco Colindale 012 Preview
Demco Colindale 015 Preview
Demco Colindale 016 Preview
Demco Colindale 017 Preview
Image006 Preview
Image006 Preview
Image014 Preview
Image016 Preview
Lidget Green 11 Preview
Lidget Green 15 Preview
Lidget Green 34 Preview
Lidget Green 38 Preview
TheForum Towcester 008 Preview
TheForum Towcester 009 Preview
Demco Dartford 291116 001 Preview
Demco Dartford 291116 004 Preview
Demco Dartford 291116 008 Preview

Demco MiMi library shelving

Practical design that’s perfect for kids, young adults and the young-at-heart. MiMi shelving is warm and friendly with strength and durability.

  • Manufactured in UK
  • Range of inspiring complementary colours and wood effect finishes
  • Wide range of bay heights
  • Option to mix n match colours and finishes
  • Wide range of accessories to complement the shelving

Demco Boreal Connect shelving

Combining the best of steel and MFC construction in a sophisticated multi-function system. Boreal Connect is a stylish functional range that integrates technology, work stations and more.

  • Mix of standard shelving components and designer addons
  • Built in connectivity and accessibility
  • Integrated components to create seating, workstations and display solutions
  • Touchscreen and end of bay display
  • Steel standard structural components
Boreal Render Cropped For Website Preview Preview
Boreal Render Cropped For Website Preview Preview
Boreal Tech Preview Preview
Boreal With Wiggle Panel Preview Preview
Image7 Preview Preview
Image8 Preview Preview

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Do you have a question or enquiry for us? If so, please feel free to contact us via the options below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Phone: +44(0) 1992 454600

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