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We’re a flexible and agile business committed to investing in our people, systems, products and our processes. Our focus on leveraging technology plays a major role in our success. We were among the first in our sector to supply BIM models for our shelving systems and we use Revit software, enabling close collaboration with architects and designers.

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Phone: 01992 454630
Address: Shipton Way, Express Park, Northampton Road, Rushden, NN10 6GL

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Rachel Clayton

I prepare quotations for tender enquiries and our library interior projects. That means I get the opportunity to work closely with our design team to talk about projects and specifications. I often work to quite tight deadlines and sometimes the pressure is full on but I enjoy working in a busy, buzzy environment. When I am away from the buzz of the office I love anything to do with reading.

All books are appealing to me as I like seeing things from an author’s perspective – how they apply their own imagination, opinions and thoughts to a story and make it come to life. Books are a wonderful medium for seeing things through someone else’s eyes. I do read a lot but I do make time to socialize with friends and family and I seem to spend quite a lot of time cooking for impromptu get togethers.

“I reading and have recently enjoyed re-reading the PG Wodehouse series of novels.”

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